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Massage Modalities

Myofascial Release

A three-dimensional application of sustained pressure and movement into the fascial system followed by the palpation of the tissue texture of various fascial layers. Upon locating an area of fascial tension, gentle pressure is applied in the direction of the restriction. Myofascial release is an effective therapeutic approach in the relief of cervical pain, back pain, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, neurological dysfunction, restriction of motion, chronic pain, and headaches.

Deep Tissue

Techniques which utilize deep tissue/deep muscle massage are administered to affect the sub-layer of musculature and fascia. These techniques require more advanced training and a more thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology. The muscles must be relaxed in order to effectively perform deep tissue massage, otherwise tight surface muscles prevent the practitioner from reaching deeper musculature. It helps with chronic muscular pain and injury rehabilitation, and reduces inflammation-related pain caused by arthritis and tendonitis. It is generally integrated with other massage techniques.


Orthopedic massage focuses on treating physical conditions such as osteoarthritis, tendonitis, low back pain, frozen shoulders, etc. to improve function. Orthopedic massage focuses on treating physical conditions such as osteoarthritis, tendonitis, low back pain, frozen shoulders, etc. to improve function, comfort, and range of motion.

Medical massage is similar to orthopedic massage in its use of multiple modalities to solve problems, however its goal is to assist people with medical conditions such as MS, diabetes, migraines, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, etc. feel better and function with less pain and discomfort, and range of motion. Techniques ranging from Neuromuscular Therapy, facilitated stretching, pin-and-stretch methods, palpation, and Swedish massage are combined for individual therapy.

Cupping Massage (Dry Cupping Only)

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in many cultures. Various types of suction cups are placed on the skin to mobilize blood flow and promote healing. Cupping is believed to aide in the release of toxins from the body and is an excellent way to break up the congestion from bronchitis. It has a calming affect on the central nervous system and can have a positive effect on high blood pressure as well as chronic headaches, fibromyalgia, and neuralgia.

Swedish Massage

Designed primarily to relax muscles by applying pressure to them against deeper muscles and bones, and rubbing in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart. Swedish massage can relax muscles, increase circulation, remove metabolic waste products, help the recipient obtain a feeling of connectedness, a better awareness of their body and the way they use and position it. The strokes and manipulations of Swedish Massage are each conceived as having a specific therapeutic benefit. One of the primary goals of Swedish Massage is to speed venous return from the extremities.

Great Add-Ons to Any Massage

Hot Stones

When the therapists manipulates heated smooth lava rocks to tight achy muscles to melt your tension away. Hot stone massage is believed to increase circulation, help facilitate increased mobility for those suffering from ailments such as arthritis, and decrease anxiety and tension. Many people experience an increase in restful sleep the night following a stone massage.

Thermal Palms

Thermal Palms ® are a great alternative to hot stone massage. They are soft hand-held heat modality which provide a long lasting heat as they cushion and protect bone during massage allowing for a deeper penetration of heat than with traditional hot stones. This modality can help facilitate a quicker release of tight muscles, increase circulation, and increase range of motion of the joints.

Orthopedic Cupping

Cupping therapy adapted to modern orthopedic and/or sports massage. Stubborn conditions that may have been present for decades can be resolved with Cupping. Nothing works better at opening up and releasing joints, connective tissue and muscles than the use of negative pressure and movement.